Coworking in Ipswich - WIP

The WIP was founded by a community of like minded creative professionals including designers, artists and lecturers.  It's purpose is to provide a welcoming, creative environment that will promote the arts and technology in Ipswich and beyond.
The WIP co working space will be Ipswich's first collaborative workspace for people to think, work and learn.  Although not for exclusive use by those living and working in the creative and technology industries, you will probably find you get more out of it if you have a creative streak, or like being around those who do.  If you don't like creative, arty types, this isn't the place for you. Try Felaw Maltings.

The purpose of the WIP space is to provide creatives and technologists with a collaborative work environment where they can feed of each others energy and inspire each other to achieve better, more interesting work.  Members can rent studio space, desk space or exhibition space.  All of the shared facilities are at your disposal including meeting rooms, break out zones, broadband and print. Photographic/film studios and exhibition or classroom space will be avbailable later in the year.

Collaboration between the arts and technology is not that easy to come by in Ipswich, so we thought we would create some space for it.

At the centre of the WIP is the desire to provide a platform to drive art, technology and creativity within the region.  Aside from offering desk space and studio space, we will be reaching out to the community with workshops and exhibitions.  These workshops and exhibitions will be run by the members of the WIP and we hope to extend our relationships with other groups who may benefit from a centre like the WIP.

David Garvin
01473 212200
17 St Helens Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1HE

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