Coworking in Ipswich - WIP

The WIP was founded by a community of like minded creative professionals including designers, artists and lecturers.  It's purpose is to provide a welcoming, creative environment that will promote the arts and technology in Ipswich and beyond.
The WIP co working space will be Ipswich's first collaborative workspace for people to think, work and learn.  Although not for exclusive use by those living and working in the creative and technology industries, you will probably find you get more out of it if you have a creative streak, or like being around those who do.  If you don't like creative, arty types, this isn't the place for you. Try Felaw Maltings.

The purpose of the WIP space is to provide creatives and technologists with a collaborative work environment where they can feed of each others energy and inspire each other to achieve better, more interesting work.  Members can rent studio space, desk space or exhibition space.  All of the shared facilities are at your disposal including meeting rooms, break out zones, broadband and print. Photographic/film studios and exhibition or classroom space will be avbailable later in the year.

Collaboration between the arts and technology is not that easy to come by in Ipswich, so we thought we would create some space for it.

At the centre of the WIP is the desire to provide a platform to drive art, technology and creativity within the region.  Aside from offering desk space and studio space, we will be reaching out to the community with workshops and exhibitions.  These workshops and exhibitions will be run by the members of the WIP and we hope to extend our relationships with other groups who may benefit from a centre like the WIP.

David Garvin
01473 212200
17 St Helens Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1HE

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Coworking in Philadelphia - Enterprise Oasis

Philadelphia Meeting Events Training Enterprise Oasis

Our Philadelphia venue location provides space for Meetings, Events, Training and Entrepreneur Coworking  all at The Enterprise Oasis Philadelphia. 
The Enterprise Oasis facility is located on the Delaware River Waterfront in Philadelphia.
Our unique meeting space has marina access with boat slip rental available upon request.
Inquire about our Special Meetup Group Rates Today! 

Call 1-877-467-7406 or email

7 North Columbus Blvd, Suite A, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Enterprise Oasis

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CoHabitat - Coworking in Shreveport, LA

CoHabitat - Coworking in Shreveport, LA

610 Commerce St. Shreveport, LA

Jessica Rinne
Director of Operations

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Coworking Fuorisalone - Coworking in Italy

Coming to the coworking space in Milano, Italy? Great! Please don’t forget:

- to bring a valid ID document (we’ll have to identify you)
- to be a smart cat, coworking is also about respecting people around you
- to bring an open and collaborative attitude (coworking is a community not a space)

No need to make reservations, came over and we’ll be there.

Coworking Fuorisalone is located conveniently near the metro station “Maciachini” – Yellow Line no. 3.
It’s connected directly from the Central Station.

By car, Coworking Fuorisalone is very near the exit of the Milano-Meda route.


MAC 567
Via Imbonati 18
20159 Milano
Coworking Fuorisalone

For any additional info you may need write an email to Massimo Carraro:

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Coworking centre ClubOffice Berlin

ClubOffice Berlin
Location: World Business Alliance Center Berlin
Address: Bundesallee 171-175, 10715 Berlin, Germany
Contact: Phone +49 (0)30 2000 357 00 / or online
Community: great areas in the house to meet and talk, weekly BusinessBreakfast’s, monthly OfficeParty’s
Total Space: 24.000 sq. m.
Coworking Space: 2.500 sq. m.
Coworking Desks: 190+
Executive Suites: 200+
Meetingrooms: 26
Parking: 160
F&B: 2x Self-Service-Coffeeshop, 1x Restaurant with view over Berlin
B&B: 6x furnished apartments (shortest stay – 1 night)
Equipment: Internet, Printer, Scanner, Fax, Phone, PBX, Telepresence, Projector
Costs: € 14,90 per day / € 149,90 per month
For more information visit our website at (The site is currently only in German, the English version will follow in April 2010) or call us any time by Skype (Skypename: cluboffice) or phone +49 (0)30 2000 357 00.

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Coworking in Portland, Oregon

How Co-working Is Working in Portland
Cubespace, the city's first co-working space, closed last month. But the founders of several new entries say they've learned from its mistakes

Portland, Ore., has had more than its fair share of trouble from the current recession. It has seen the biggest drop in employment of any metro area in the country, with the jobless rate a dismal 12.2% in June.

Mixed with that gloom, though, are some sunny spots—notably the city's co-working spaces, or shared offices.

It's too early to tell if co-working spaces can be profitable, but the company founders I spoke with in Portland say they learned a valuable lesson from Portland's first co-working space, Cubespace,which closed its doors last month. The company reportedly made several business missteps, including its expensive monthly lease.
Cubespace's successors say that by balancing real estate costs, unearthing additional revenue streams, and serving individual communities' needs, their co-working spaces will be around for many years to come. Here's a look at three of them:
Souk: Co-working Basics
The now-defunct Cubespace was Portland's first co-working spot, but Souk wasn't far behind. Opened by Julie Duryea in January 2007, the event- and meeting-friendly space caters to what Duryea describes as "varied and colorful a community" as the open-air markets from which Souk takes its name. This broad-market approach has slowly borne fruit: Last year the company broke even, with revenue from memberships ($275 a month, full-time), drop-in desk use ($35 a day), and meetings. While the economic downturn has pinched meeting revenue to the point that the company is likely ro slip back into the red for 2009, Duryea says she's seeing a slight rebound in meeting-space use.
For workers, Souk offers most of the standard services of its Portland peers. In addition to the co-working basics—power, Wi-Fi, water, coffee, and snacks—Souk hosts events, workshops, and classes for its members and helps them access local resources. "I can see how it's easier in this city to start up such a thing," says Duryea. "It's more manageable size-wise, and there's a big community of creative class workers."
NedSpace: Co-working as an Incubator
Futurist Anthony Townsend told BusinessWeek in June that the explosion in Web working is creating new kinds of "knowledge ecosystems," and an ecosystem is a good metaphor for the model being pursued by Josh Friedman and Mark Grimes. The founders of aix-month-old NedSpace aim to separate their co-working space from the Portland pack with a focus on fostering collaboration among high-growth, early-stage startups rather than independent contractors and freelancers. Currently, NedSpace has 40 companies (encompassing 64 individuals) sharing one 7,500-square-foot space, with a mixture of open-area and dedicated desks ($275-$375 a month), as well as open- and closed-door offices ($575-$975 a month).
In addition to memberships, NedSpace generates revenue from partnerships and sponsorships. Friedman says he's negotiating with a wireless Internet provider to sponsor free bandwidth for NedSpace; when companies "graduate" out of the co-working space into offices of their own, the provider would offer discount services for their new location. The model is an ingenious way to attract companies that hope to someday graduate, while also appealing to sponsors who want early access to future paying customers (sort of a B2B version of advertising to children).
Friedman, who says access to investment capital is a major limitation of doing business in Portland, also hopes to attract investor partners to NedSpace. Both Friedman and Grimes have experience starting and raising funding for businesses, and Friedman says they have successfully connected four member startups with angel investors. "I know who works hard," he says.
According to Friedman, the company has been profitable since its third month and will open its second Portland location in August. NedSpace is also seeking to expand its efforts further, with plans to open a third Portland location and a Seattle space in the months ahead. In the future, Friedman envisions NedSpace as a YCombinator-meets-co-working arrangement and is currently seeking an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to staff the Seattle location and provide advice to member companies.
The Hive: Co-working as Culture
The latest addition to the Portland co-working scene, the Hive, is set to open on Sept. 1. Other co-working spaces are independent businesses, but the Hive is part of the Leftbank Project building in which it's located. A new green building in Portland's Rose Quarter district, the Leftbank features a wide range of office spaces for sustainability-minded businesses, such as software startup FMYI,Upright Brewing, consulting firm Blue Tree Strategies, and several green-design firms. The building is a veritable rabbit warren of like-minded businesses, and the Hive is an attempt to capitalize on that, says small-business consultant Christian Allen.
"It wasn't started as a business idea; it was more of, how can we feed this vision? How can we create more community?" says Allen. "I think it will definitely be challenging." Still, the Hive is well-positioned to compete in the Portland market. It provides the basic co-working amenities, with a green twist and competitive rates: Individual dedicated desks, which include access to community tables and conference rooms, go for $350 a month.
Allen says the community will also play a large role in establishing a long-term business model for the Hive. As needs arise, Allen says members will collaborate to create self-sustaining solutions for themselves.

By Celeste LeCompte
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Coworking in Sacramento

The Urban Hive is a membership-based community of creative independent professionals sick of the status quo, sick of working in the isolation of a home office or the social disconnect and noise of the urban coffee shop, people who want a place to refresh and be stimulated creatively and to find like-thinking individuals with whom they can collaborate.  They long for something more, but, until now, they haven't been able to put their thumb on what that actually is. For this person, our little community provides a sanctuary of sorts, for the independent that has successfully escaped (or simply avoided--bravo!) American office culture.

Being an independent is often a solitary existence. The Urban Hive gives that independent a place to go--an un-office, if you will--to work, create, collaborate, refresh and (yes) play. Think of it as a great company culture, just without the company. We believe that we should all want to go to work, that the place that we work should enhance the work that we do. And we believe that there is a value in working alongside other creative professionals and entrepreneurs that share our values.

We are located in an amazing renovated 100 year old brick warehouse in the heart of Midtown Sacramento. The industrial modern space includes two conference rooms, retail space, art and design studios, and even an occasional traditional office. More than the space, though, Creatives benefit from the community environment where spontaneous brainstorming stimulates idea exchange, fosters networking and even provides opportunities for project collaboration.

Still need more info to get a better feel for what we are about? Well, we encourage hands-on research. Come on by and give us a try! We are located at 1931 H Street in Midtown Sacramento.

The Urban Hive

1931 H Street
Midtown Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 390-9506

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Sacramento Coworking - The Urban Hive

What we’re going to do here at the Sacramento Marketing Labs blog is start to do a weekly showcase of local small businesses that are utilizing some form of social media to grow their brand.  This week I’m very excited to talk about what The Urban Hive is up to.
Sacramento Coworking is starting to become more popular locally and The Urban Hive is doing some awesome things to connect with their audience, build community, and grow their memberships.
The thing I love most about what they’re doing is, 100% of their buzz is being created by social media, but more specifically Twitter.  One of their Co-Founders, Brandon Weber, has told me that “We haven’t even really started to advertise yet.”  I was not surprised.
If you’re looking to work in an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and the ability to just “get stuff done,” I highly recommend The Urban Hive.
Make sure to follow them on Twitter @theurbanhive and also to follower their Founders.  @interweber @jamespierini @justjanna