Research about Coworking

Hi coworkers!

I’m Vittorio Gentile, I'm a student of “ Economy and Management” at “G. d’Annunzio” University in Pescara (Italy).

I'm opening this post because I have decided to revolve my degree thesis’ subject around the Coworking and especially about what, this new lifestyle, gives to coworkers.

I believe that the Coworking, due to coworkers’ experiences-sharing and personal knowledge, makes professional life more productive and quiet. It gives the possibility to realize things that we can’t make alone without a spontaneous collaboration.

I have published an on-line survey (link: )
to discover the effects of this new life style on coworkers.

It would be fantastic if you help me replaying to my survey and making it known through yours blogs and web sites, or sending an e-mail to yours coworkers if you are a coworking space owner. In this way I could have more answers and so more reliable results.

Naturally, since literature and scientific research about Coworking are very few, I’ll be happy to post and share my results whit every one when I’ll finish and analyze my research.

Thank's to everybody for attentions!

I'm waiting your reply!!!

Vittorio Gentile.