Coworking in Corvallis, Oregon

Are you a telecommuter or solo contractor or just tired of your home office? Meet other folks in the Corvallis, Oregon, area to explore ideas around coworking, work cooperatives, sharing office space, telecommuting technologies or just having lunch.
Current ideas and goals:
  • ways to survive the isolation of the home office
  • work cooperatives to enable larger projects, overlap skills and provide inspiration
  • shared offices to promote business/interaction, lower overhead
  • share resources — conference rooms, expensive equipment
  • telecommuting technologies
To join us, join the Corvallis Coworking Google Group. We look forward to meeting you! We meet for breakfast every other Friday morning at 8:00 at Sunnyside Up cafe on 3rd Street, and for lunch on Tuesdays at 11:30 in the alternate weeks.
NOTES: Yes the breakfasts were at 7:30 but people weren't showing up until later so they are now at 8 a.m. Google gave us two choices for time zones: "(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time" or "(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time." No option for PDT (-7). Neither of their two options seemed "correct" so we chose Pacific Time. Just in case this is not also the choice you made, please understand that the breakfasts are at 8:00 and lunches at 11:30.

Corvallis Coworking