Cowork in downtown Columbus, Ohio at Indie House

Indie House will open this June in Columbus, Ohio. We will be providing multiple membership options to accommodate independent workers' needs. If you are looking for a permanent desk or just need to work in a studio for one day, we've got a workstation for you.

A little about Indie House:

Indie House is indie owned and operated. Indie House is a creative based coworking studio. Our foundation is built upon the advertising, graphic design, web design, web development, marketing and PR industries. Our goal is to give indie workers and freelancers all of the resources they need to better accommodate their current clients, attract new clients and enjoy what they do for a living. Say hello to organic, free-range working!

A little about the space:

65 Parsons Ave3,500+ sq ft located in Old Town East at 65 Parsons Avenue (downtown Columbus, Ohio). Easy access from 70/71 with more free parking (yes, free even for you day trippers) than we know what to do with. The space is divided into two studios. Creative and executive. The creative studio is what you would expect, all open space, production area, think tank lounge and private conference room. The executive studio is more secluded equipped with private, spacious offices, and think tank lounge. We will be posting more details about the space, including floor plan and amenities here shortly.

What can you expect?

    * A creative place to work
    * WiFi
    * Full-size Color Printer, Copier, Fax Machine and Scanner access
    * Private conference room
    * Plenty of coffee and H20
    * A better way to network
    * Affordable membership rates and much more

Cowork in downtown Columbus, Ohio at Indie House